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Kids Voting Minneapolis

2016 Election Results!

A Community Commitment to Democracy

Kids Voting Minneapolis is a community-based, nonprofit, nonpartisan organization working to empower students in Minneapolis with the skills and confidence to embrace civic involvement and become active citizens as adults.

The mission of Kids Voting Minneapolis is: To foster an educated and engaged electorate by partnering with schools and families to enrich the civic education of Minneapolis K-12 students and to prepare them to be informed voters.

Kids Voting Minneapolis provides civics-based, K-12 classroom lessons and activities at no cost to all interested schools in the City of Minneapolis. Students learn about the right to vote, democracy, civic responsibility, and the importance of participation in the political process.

On Election Day, Kids Voting Minneapolis strives to give Minneapolis students the opportunity to experience an authentic voting experience and casting a Kids Voting ballot at a Minneapolis precinct polling location.  This simple act takes the mystery out of the voting process and instills a sense of pride, accomplishment and responsibility which will stay with the student into adulthood.

Please Note

Since 2004, we have aimed to give every Minneapolis student the opportunity to cast a Kids Voting ballot at a precinct polling locations staffed by Kids Voting Minneapolis volunteers. 

Community support is critical to our success and we are grateful for the hundreds of volunteers who continue to make Kids Voting Minneapolis possible in every election year. 

Please show your support for the future of Kids Voting Minneapolis by making a donation.

Kids and Voting Photo courtesy of KidsVotingUSA.org Voting For Kids Kindergarten thru Grade 5
Teens and Voting Photo by Robert O. Megard, Kids Voting St. Paul Voting For Teens Grades 6 thru 12

Learn more about Kids Voting Minneapolis

Kids Voting Minneapolis is currently accepting nominations for our Board of Directors. Nominate yourself or someone else. For information contact Judy Farmer.

Watch the CBS Evening News 11/7/2006 segment featuring Kids Voting in Minneapolis.

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Kids Voting Minneapolis acknowledges the following partners for their generous support.
Sponsors include: Ameriprise Financial, RBC Wealth Management, Otto Bremer Foundation, Best Buy Children's Foundation, Data Recognition Corporation, City of Minneapolis Office of Elections