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For Kids

Youíre never too young to take part in this cool thing we call democracy. As Americans, we are very lucky to have a say in how things work in our communities and country. When you vote, you have a voice in our democracy. You get to help choose our leaders.

Kids Voting Minneapolis is an organization that invites young people just like you to get to know what itís like to vote. You can make a difference. Youíre also setting a great example for your parents. You and your parents donít have to vote for the same people. Thatís whatís great about voting. You decide.

But, how do you decide? You should take some time to learn about the people who want to be your leaders. Until one of them is elected, they are all called ďcandidates.Ē Learn about whatís important to them and how they want to lead your community. Sometimes youíll be surprised at how close one of them comes to your view of whatís important. Others may see things very differently. The candidate who gets the most votes will get elected and lead your community. Itís important that you study the candidates carefully and vote for the one you think will do the best job.

For Kids

Yes, I want to support Kids Voting in Minneapolis

Your tax-deductible contribution will help Kids Voting Minneapolis prepare young people to be educated, engaged voters.

Kids Voting Minneapolis acknowledges the following partners for their generous support.
Sponsors include: Ameriprise Financial, RBC Wealth Management, Otto Bremer Foundation, Best Buy Children's Foundation, Data Recognition Corporation, City of Minneapolis Office of Elections