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For Teens

Did you know that todayís teenagers are part of the largest generation in history? You, yes, YOU can wield a lot of power. Or you can decide to have others make decisions for you. It all comes down to whether or not your generation decides to vote. If you donít, you donít get the power your numbers deserve. If you do, then the world might look like a very different place. Itís up to you, your friends, and all of their friends. Do you want to lead or be lead? Itís that simple.

On Tuesday, November 6, 2012, you have the opportunity to show your community just how powerful your generation can be by heading to the polls and voting. The results of your votes will be tallied right along the side of legal voting age adults. What do you think itís going to look like? Do you think your results will look just like your parentsí? Or will you and your friends end up looking very, very different. You wonít find out unless you show up on Election Day at your neighborhood precinct polling place and make yourself be counted.

Teens volunteering during 2004 election

In addition, we need you to be visible! So volunteer. Your generation is proving that you care about your communities because, on the whole, statistics show that youíre great volunteers. You like to make a difference that shows. Hereís another opportunity to do that. Volunteering on election day for Kids Voting Minneapolis does three important things: 1) Shows your parents that they need to go to the polls too; 2) Shows younger people how important it is for them to vote; and, 3) Shows the entire community what they might expect from your generation when you turn 18 and are of legal voting age. Thatís good stuff. Volunteering for Kids Voting Minneapolis counts as community service for many high school programs too. Check it out.

Are you going to lead or be lead? Thatís the question. Show up and VOTE!

For Teens

Yes, I want to support Kids Voting in Minneapolis

Your tax-deductible contribution will help Kids Voting Minneapolis prepare young people to be educated, engaged voters.

Kids Voting Minneapolis acknowledges the following partners for their generous support.
Sponsors include: Ameriprise Financial, RBC Wealth Management, Otto Bremer Foundation, Best Buy Children's Foundation, Data Recognition Corporation, City of Minneapolis Office of Elections